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Call of papers (ASOR): Gender in the Ancient Near East

ASORSession Chairs: Stephanie Langin-Hooper, Southern Methodist University.

Description: Session explores the interface between gender and archaeology, and the ways in which archaeology and related disciplines can reconstruct the world of women and other gender groups in antiquity. Papers should explore subjects such as the household and domestic life, industry and commerce, religion, etc. Other topics may also be included.

Deadline by February the 15th. Further details on submission guidelines and registration, on ASOR website.

NEA latest issue: Gender Archaeology

Near Eastern Archaeology

Near Eastern Archaeology, special issue, Volume 79, Issue 3, september 20161

  • Jane Peterson: Woman’s Share in Neolithic Society: A View from the Southern Levant

    Early farming groups set into motion substantial, even revolutionary, socioeconomic changes dur- ing the Pre-Pottery Neolithic period (ca. 10,500– 6,000 cal. b.c.e.) in the southern Levant of South- west Asia. Social organizational structures capable of addressing new opportunities and challenges would have been integral… ☛

  • Maria Mina: Was It a Man’s World? Gender Relationships at the Transition to the Bronze Age in Cyprus

    This article examines whether the apparently equitable gender relationships of the Chalcolithic period in Cyprus were replaced by gender in- equality in the Bronze Age. The discussion critiques the axioms … ☛

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Call for papers: “Second Workshop on Gender, Methodology and the Ancient Near East”

Organisers: Agnès Garcia-Ventura (“Sapienza”, Università degli Studi di Roma / IPOA, Universitat de Barcelona) & Saana Svärd (University of Helsinki)

When and where: IPOA, Universitat de Barcelona (Spain), February 1-3 2017.


After the workshop held in Helsinki in October 20141, the organisers are now pleased to announce the “Second Workshop on Gender, Methodology, and the Ancient Near East”. The aim of the meeting is to discuss different methodological and theoretical approaches to gender within the framework of ancient Near Eastern studies (including archaeology, art history and text studies) and to enable fruitful dialogues between these approaches.

If you are interested in delivering a paper relating to the aims of the workshop, please send us the title and the abstract (150-300 words) by September 30th: Agnès Garcia-Ventura (agnes.ventura[AT]gmail.com) and Saana Svärd (saana.svard[AT]helsinki.fi). Decisions about acceptance will be made before October 15th.

Hierarchy and Equality – Representations of Sex/Gender in the Ancient World

Time and place:
Sep 11, 2016 – Sep 13, 2016, The Norwegian Institute at Athens, Greece

The Norwegian Institute in Athens, in collaboration with the Centre for Gender Research at the University of Oslo, would like to announce the call for papers for the interdisiplinary conference «Hierarchy and Equality – Representations of Sex/Gender in the Ancient World». We invite scholars with a material and/or theoretical interest in sex/gender, or in social structures based on gender distinctions. We hope to explore more broadly what was “before sex”, i.e. the modern reproduction-based two-sex model (Laqueur), and seek possibly even more fruitful ways to approach sex/gender in the ancient world. We encourage contributors to approach a variety of records and explore hypotheses outside of the established scholarly consensus on ancient understandings of sex/gender. We also encourage papers that reflect on the extent to which modern notions of sex/gender affect our reading of the past.
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