Gender and Women in Ancient Near Eastern Studies: Bibliography 2002-2016

Author Name: agnes-garcia-ventura
Author Name: gioele-zisa
Akkadica 138In 2002 Julia M. Asher-Greve, in collaboration with Mary Frances Wogec, published Women and Gender in Ancient Near Eastern Cultures: Bibliography 1885-2001 in the journal NIN: Journal of Gender Studies in Antiquity. As shown by the broad time span covered by the bibliography, this list was the first devoted to women and gender in ancient Near Eastern studies. In the short time since the publication of that bibliography, both women’s studies and gender studies in a broad sense have undergone notable expansion. For this reason, Agnès Garcia-Ventura and Gioele Zisa have created a new bibliography list, which covers the studies published from 2002 to 2016. This list has been recently published (2017) in the number 138 of the journal Akkadica.[1]

In their paper, in addition to the bibliography list, the authors also provide an introduction in which they consider the relationship between women’s studies and gender studies and present a selection of the trends and theoretical positions which have emerged since the late 1980s either inside the framework of gender studies, or in closely related fields such as queer studies, postcolonial studies and feminist epistemologies – the predominant trends in the time span covered by this overview.

The authors hope that this work will provide ancient Near Eastern scholars with a useful research tool. For further information about this paper and other related research, please feel free to contact the authors at:


[1] The authors want to thank Michel Tanret (editor-in-chief) and Vanessa Boschloos (assistant editor) of the journal Akkadica, for granting their permission to publish here the cover of the number 138 of the journal.

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