Call for Papers: Engendering Near Eastern Archaeology

Call for Papers: Engendering Near Eastern Archaeology
(Theme/section at 11ICAANE, Munich 3 -7 April, 2018)

Gender roles and identities are fundamental for the construction of most sociocultural norms and practices, ancient and modern. The Ancient Near East offers ample evidence to explore how these were enacted and materialized in political, economic, religious, and private spheres.

This section welcomes contributions that use gender as a category of analysis when dealing with various kinds of archaeological, bioarchaeological, visual and textual sources. Contributors are encouraged to clarify their theoretical and methodological stance when addressing issues such as gender and power relations, gender-specific treatments of bodies, the role of artistic media in the propagation of gender ‘ideals’, or the use of objects for engendering all kinds of cultural practices.

Deadline by July 31, 2017. Further details on submission guidelines and registration, on 11ICAANE website.

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